Sunday, February 7, 2010

we've all been there

I am completely obsessed with another blog.  It is the completely heart-wrenching reports from a mother in Utah that is battling with the prospect of losing a child due to a completely avoidable accident.  Every morning, I rush to the computer to see what has happened, how he is doing, how SHE is doing.  You must read this blog.  We've all had those moments in motherhood of guilt, shame, regret.  It is horrific to read, and intoxicating to follow.  I remember when Dominic first fell down the stairs.  When he cracked his little chin open on the side of the bathtub like a grape being dropped from the roof.  When Ripley fell out of her carseat onto the pavement.  Riding in the ambulance with my brave daughter, as she refused to let the EMT's hold her oxygen mask for her.  It is altruistic to feel what this woman feels, and wish with all your heart that she will forgive herself.
Scroll down to February 1st to read her harrowing tale.

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  1. There you go again, being all good hearted and kind. I love that about you, during this harried week. You're the best.