Friday, February 17, 2012

The curse

It's Persinger crunch time right now.  February includes two kid birthdays, and two birthday parties, Valentine's Day, and the hubby's busiest time at work:  NBA All star game.  Luckily, it also includes the Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition.

If you weren't lucky enough to hear my opinion of this before, please refer to my previous SI Curse blog.

Last year, the curse went unmentioned in my blog.  Simple reason- I foiled the curse.  The previous All Star game fell early enough last year, and Chris was already en route to the event when the swimsuit edition arrived.  Knowing the special edition fabulous reading would be in the mailbox on Thursday, I didn't get the mail until Chris returned on Monday.  I didn't get the magazine.  Nothing happened.  For the first time, in a multi-year series of misfortunes, nothing happened.  I would like to single handedly take credit for a smooth and easy, disaster free All Star game.

The game is extremely late this year.  The swimsuit edition is already in the house.  There is nothing I can do to thwart the curse.  Bring it on.

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