Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy candy day

Let me start by assuring my cynic supporters that I think Valentine's day is pretty stupid, commercially artificial, and exists to make people feel bad.

I do, however, think Valentine's day is a kid holiday.  I loved collecting all the little paper cards, reading them over and over, pasting them in a scrapbook.  I remember in fourth grade when one of the classmates (she's a facebook friend to this day, but will remain unnamed) sent out scratch and sniff valentines.  Oh the technology!

Today, there is rarely a card attached to the mass of candy my kids receive.  Or the candy just has a to and from on the actual package.  Thanks for being my valentine... for about 40 seconds.  Nothing to re-read.  Nothing to paste in a memory book.

I refuse to let my kids give candy for Valentine's day.  I even dislike the assorted non-earth friendly trinkets that you can use in lieu of candy.  This year, my son handed out angry bird cards with a tiny tattoo.  (I caved a little bit).  My daughter handed out valentines that can be folded into fortune tellers, cootie catchers... whatever you want to call them, they are fabulous.

The kitchen table was decorated this morning with a little candy and small gifts for my little valentines.  Then I made them a breakfast of eggs and bacon-- they're going to need the protein to offset the sugar today.

Breakfast at school, chocolate chunk muffins.  Lunch at school, chocolate cake dessert.  During school, sucker sale continues.  End of day, party time.  Cookies and punch served to wash down the candy in their valentine collection boxes.

So basically we celebrate and show love with candy and confections?

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