Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The bomb sniffing dogs at disney

It's just not a Persinger vacation without one odd story.  Well, maybe it's just not a Sam vacation.

Very first meal at the magic kingdom of Disneyland.  Redd Rockett's Pizza Port.  Love this place because I can get a real salad- not one of those iceberg lettuce things.

Large seating area, and we find our way towards the back.  We sit and begin to enjoy our $400 theme park lunch, and begin to notice that it is emptying out around us.

Then we notice caution tape roping off a fairly large seating area.  A seating area we are actually sitting in.

Now at first I was confused.  Disney is great at theming.  Cast members are always in the appropriate dress in the appropriate land.  Seldom do you see a mismatched cast member anywhere in the park, and if you do, they are sure to be fired soon. 

I should have realized that when I saw people dressed up like Dick Tracy's friends, they were security.  I'm sure just Tomorrowland security.  I'm sure the other areas have their own protocol.

Then my daughter says, "Oh- a dog!"  All the pieces start making sense now. Cleared out area.  Caution tape roping the area off.  Dick Tracy like security.  A dog wearing a security vest.  A lone backpack by itself.  The dog sniffing the backpack.

I honestly do appreciate the length Disney takes to ensure a safe environment for my family.  For all the families.  Apparently a left bag triggers a response team.  The bomb sniffing dog, followed by a hand inspection, ensured that the backpack was, in fact, just a forgotten article.

The part of the story that makes it weird is this:  It was an odd sight to see.  We know that fire trucks, medical care, and security are in the park, we just don't usually see it.

The part that makes it a Persinger legend:
Um.  If they were so concerned about everyone in the restaurant blowing up that they cleared the area... why didn't they move my family out??

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