Sunday, June 17, 2012

Life list update

Update:  Thanks to my fabulous friend Janet, #31 was crossed off.  On the last day of school, the staff at my kids' school danced in a flash mob in front of the buses to We Got the Beat.  You rock, Janet!

1. Learn to play chess

2. Write a children's book

3. Publish a children's book

4. Ride Alpengeist

5. Visit Cedar Point

6. Visit New York

7. Live on the east coast

8. Walk or run a charity event

9. Volunteer for the homeless

10. Do something unexpected

11. Forgive someone when I think I can't

12. Go Parasailing

13. Lie topless on a beach in Greece

14. Visit Alaska

15. Ride in a helicopter

16. Make a difference

17. Be in two places at the same time

18. See Greenday live

19. Kiss passionately in the rain

20. Leave a $100 tip in a restaurant

21. Zip line

22. Become a bone marrow donor

23. Walk through central park

24. See the northern lights

25. Help someone complete a life list item

26. Get my masters

27. Teach college

28. Go to Vegas

29. Get another tattoo

30. Go skinny dipping

31. Be part of a flash mob

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