Thursday, December 1, 2011

Dominic has always been a math whiz!  From the early age of second grade, he has declared his future is in engineering. 

No shock.  At three he was telling me directions in the car.  Spacial math.

At four he was building room covering wooden train designs more intricate than any railway I've witnessed.  Design.

At ten, he is being pushed to compete in higher math levels in middle school. He speaks math like a second language.

His ultimate goal is to attend a good engineering college.  He has already researched many options.  This boy cracks me up.

When reviewing the top engineering schools, we help him set his heart on big names... if we can save to afford it, and he can get the grades, he'll be able to go anywhere.  Why not shoot for the stars.

Berkeley is an obvious choice.  Most reasonably priced of the big name engineering schools.  Shocking sticker price, but half the price of the big name techs. 

He also reasons that staying in state would clearly be a wise choice.  Therefore, his local pick is University of Washington.  Good price.  Not far from home.  Far enough away to have the full college experience.  PAC 12 school, so he can attend lots of good games.  Great engineering program.

Settled.  Good goals.  I support them.

Hmmm... but I was a WSU Cougar.  Ouch.

So now I have my daughter to carry on the Coug legacy.


Oh, and don't forget this...

At least they have goals.

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