Thursday, December 15, 2011

Everything old is new again

Our school district doesn't teach from text books and handouts.  The classrooms are full of teacher driven mini-lessons, lots of journaling, and a variety of learning methods.  Hard to follow sometimes as a sub, but worth it for the quality of education.

Today I was working with fourth graders on their Washington state studies.  There actually is a text book for that.  Makes sense... they are learning the slower changing facts about our state:  land regions, agriculture, climate etc...

This book seemed familiar.  I started flipping through the pages and was sure I had seen this book before.  I remember using this book to teach Washington state studies to fifth graders, as a substitute teacher, at Marshall elementary.  Before I became a full time teacher.  Before I got married and had kids.

Could this be right?  Clearly this was an updated version.  Then I came to the page that shocked me.

Washington state governor Booth Gardner.

Seriously?  Checking the publication date of this educational textbook, it was dated 1992... one year after I graduated high school.

Yikes.  Hope things haven't changed much, or these kids will have some sad reports.

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