Friday, January 6, 2012

Everything old is... well, old

Being around kids all the time, I can't help but notice this year's Christmas gift was the ipod touch.  EVERYONE has one.  For once, my kids are accurate.  The retail price dropped drastically for these high tech gadgets, and the consumers responded accordingly.

My son has an old ipod.  A hand me down from his dad.  The generation just before the touch revolution.  He wants an ipod touch, and a phone.  Even better, an iphone.  Ya, I don't think so.  He has been preached a lot lately how some kids don't have shoes or a warm coat.  Some kids don't have the medicine they desperately need, or food for dinner.  He has responded well to these age old tactics.

His peers?  Not so much. 

It's hard to raise a grateful child when every peer opinion contradicts it.  My son was told on the bus that his ipod was uncool, or whatever the hip way to say that is.  Isn't that like saying your Bentley is sooo the wrong color?

When my kids say EVERYONE has one, they aren't making that up!

And the age level keeps lowering by the minute.  Soon, we will be seeing children in preschool with a bedazzled phone and ipad.

We have old ipods, updated phones only as needed, and some tv's that aren't even flat.  I guess we're not cool.

A child spied my ipod in the kitchen the other day and asked what was wrong with it.  What was wrong with it?  Apparently it was nearly unrecognizable with it's first generation style.  That child had an ipod touch fourth generation, and looked over my ipod touch first generation like he was touring a hands on antique museum.

I am worried about this materialistic generation and the lessons we are teaching these children.  I am worried about the children that really do worry about food, clothing, and a safe home.  Imagine how they must be feeling.

The latest 4-D tv?  Hey kids- know what else is in 4-D?  Outside!

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