Thursday, January 5, 2012

New year, New you

I've been thinking this week about new year's resolutions.  I never make them.  The timing makes no sense to me.  If we are supposed to use a brand new year to start fresh, then why do they put all the good football games on right after new year?  Clearly I will not be exercising and watching my diet during that first week!

I'm also confused what these resolutions are supposed to be.  Do I want to be healthier or happier?  I could swear off sugar, carbs, and caffeine to protect the health of my heart, or I could decide to make a truce with my body image and enjoy life.  I could pick the balance... but I'm already doing that.

So what makes a good resolution?

I already spend lots of time with my family, and I don't smoke.  I know I'll exercise more when the warmer weather comes.  Diet?  I love my tachos, but I eat sensibly.  I'm not in debt, I don't drink too much, and I enjoy life.  Organize?  Please.  Already the queen.

I think resolutions are great for people that are unhappy.  For the rest of us though?

I have my vices...

It always comes back to the chocolicious torte.

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