Tuesday, January 3, 2012


Life is really not the way I planned it.  I'm sure you can all say the same.

My life is a daily grind of the same stagnate rituals.  It is comfortable and easy.

Sometimes, though, something really surprises me.

As a child, we are instructed that society has a certain blueprint for success.  As it turns out, it's not success.  It's just comfort.  All of our happiness and sadness is a road made of our choices, occasionally sprinkled with surprise.

My best moments in life were surprises.  The things that speak to my soul, warm my heart, and make me smile were surprises.  Unexpected events, chance meetings, fate changing moments... they all make life worth living.

I can try to control every aspect of my success in life, but those sweet surprises are what make it all worthwhile.

I am welcoming warm surprises with open arms.  Stay tuned as life unfolds...

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