Sunday, June 6, 2010

the naked facebook-er

December 2009
Ahh, facebook. So ruthless, useless, hurtful and spectacular at the same time. I originally didn’t include my maiden name, so my former ghosts couldn’t catch up. After finally being outed by someone that still recognized me, I gave up and included the Williams. This is the name I was burdened with before I knew who I was, was responsible for all my actions, and found essential happiness in my life. I’m typing this knowing I can go back and edit. And rewrite. And edit. And finally publish. When I was a Williams, everyone saw this. These people saw my rough drafts, and could judge me by them. They could give opinions and criticism on every potential idea I had. It was hard, and sometimes painful. Then I realized-- I saw their rough drafts, too. Remember people-- this is like those horrible middle school forced PE showers we had to take. Sure, I’m naked, but so is everybody else.
So now that we’ve all gotten dressed, I think we can put this behind us. I’ve delighted in seeing all the amazing adventures life has given my long lost friends. And enemies. I’ve enjoyed finding out that we’ve all been in love, had broken hearts. I’ve relished in finally feeling that if I sat at the popular table, I would not be disgraced. So here’s to adulthood. May we all enjoy the ride.

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