Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Quoth the Raven

The following is a true story. The nay-sayers will doubt, but I speak this from true experience. It’s about the bird. The crazy little beady eyed blackbird that lurks at six flags. I live to tell this story and spread a warning. Do not go on Magic Mountain’s Jet stream ride with your hair loose or messy. Don’t.

Simple ride… jet boat goes up, jet boat comes down. Splash. You get a little wet. The course runs along a giant fiberglass chute, like a giant hot tub. Painted a beautiful Caribbean blue, so as not to notice the dinginess of the swamp water. On our second trip down this ride, while laughing and surveying the water damage, I felt a tingle on my head. I reached up and found… a bird foot. I touched the foot of a bird. The words I uttered are stuff of legends. “There’s a bird on my head.”

We ran quickly through the exit to view the said bird. There he was… staring at us, in the same spot of the occurrence. For a moment, I thought he was one of those fabulously real auto-animatronics that Walt Disney was so fond of. But come on, this is Six Flags. A few minutes later… we saw a group of boys have the same experience. We decided it best to put this out of our minds. A few days later, we braved the ride again. No bird. But as we watched from the platform we saw this bird land on heads in the same exact spot not once, not twice, but three times. So if you find yourself at Six Flags Magic Mountain, on the jet stream ride, beware the bird. Creepy bird.

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