Sunday, June 6, 2010

thirsty-two ouncer

Six Flags Magic Mountain.  It sure ain't Disney.  My BFF (actually it's BFAAFNMW... we were so ahead of the texting world), and I just finished our pilgrimage to our mecca. 
Being responsible and serious coaster riders, we dress the part:

fanny pack

Sports bottle with belt clip

We love the inconsistent rules enforced by the six flag "carnies."  Put all your loose items in a locker?  Make sure items are secured to your person?  Just put it over there?  Each ride has it's own rules, changing regularly with the shift change of the super-trained idiots that push a button ride operators.  While boarding the infamous Viper, we had just starting sipping our refilled bottle of cherry coke.  Trying to set it down... now mind you, there are cubbies on the ride platform... a useless carny  skilled technician insisted INTO THE MICROPHONE that we take the bottle with us on the ride.

This ride goes upside down 7 times.  7 TIMES.  The first few loops I held on pretty well, by the third I was actually losing my grip.  Is this a safe scenario?
We hit the brake station, and I regain a firm hold.  Then comes the corkscrew.  Imagine the old movies where someone dumps their drink while checking their watch... over and over.  G forces throwing us around, cherry coke filling our laps.  and crotch.  and seats.  and floor.  and perhaps the people in front of us.  I missed the sign that states: "May get wet on ride."


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