Monday, June 7, 2010

Victory versus Defeat


Webster’s theory:

To win victory over; overcome; beat. The act of defeating, or gaining victory. To undo; destroy

My son plays on a parks and recreation flag football team. The Vikings. Cute blue shirt, beanie hat, and a little mouth guard he insists on wearing all the way to the game, making all his words sound a little Cindy Brady-ish. This league does not keep score. Believe me, the league is the only one. When asked, “Who won,” I always answer “they don’t keep score.” As one of Dominic’s teammates recently quoted, “That’s not possible.” So my question is this: what defines defeat? What defines victory? I try to instill in my children the morals and guidelines necessary to survive in life. Always try your hardest. Be kind to others. Be the change you wish to see in the world. Get an education. Love with all your heart. I missed his game last week, where according to the league guidelines, nobody won. According to everyone else in the world, the other team did. My son takes everything he does very seriously. Every event he faces in life is done with the most intent effort, the most compassionate heart. He gains skills, and practices them until they are perfected. He walks in others shoes instead of passing judgement. He bravely challenges defeat head on with courage and passion. At this game, the other team received penalties for taunting. Seriously? I feel for these children who have gained this skill. This is not a victorious skill. All my son and his BF could talk about after the game was the amazing touchdown the BF got. And the 5 (yes, 5)!!! times Dominic got the flags. He is my little defense boy. Man on an island. In the zone. Cheers for my boy and his victories.

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  1. They really were in the zone - let's pretend I talk sports-like naturally - and it wasn't just the physical skills they've gained over the spring, though that was part of it.

    It was confidence. They weren't hesitating, maybe because the other kids were taunting, as were the parents. It felt good to see it start to come together, although I missed that awesome second half.

    (I am so glad we signed them up. It's been so much fun.)