Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The Christmas card list

This time every year, I begin checking our Christmas card list.  Without fail, there are always the newbies to add, the lost and forgotten to strike, and sadly, always one that has passed.

Let me first address the most frequent question:  Why would someone as "green" as me send Christmas cards?  Good question.  I don't send cards.  I send photo cards.  For much of my family and friends, this is their yearly glimpse at my children as they grow.  These are memories.  Every one of those photo cards I receive go into a keepsake box, to preserve the memories.  And my photo cards tell a story.  

Back to the topic... I'm good at math.  I remember in college when I would buy a box of twenty cards and have a few left over.  I remember that moment in time when I had to buy two boxes.  Ahh... so much love to share.

As our family grows, as does our friend list, the number of cards keeps multiplying.  My card list is reaching a growth that revels the Richter scale.

So where do you draw the line?  Family is a must.  Old friends are a treasure, and new friends require tending.  Neighbors are, well, always your neighbors.  Work friends... this is just good public relations.  The beloved staff members at our childrens' school... just want to show our appreciation.

We are planning and scheming our annual card.  The story of my impish kids and their quest to overtake Santa continues.  For the loved ones, old and new, stay tuned. 

This year I am ordering 125 cards.  Ahh... so much love to share.

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