Monday, November 28, 2011

Wear red for general ed

Budgets are being discussed, as you read this, on general education for Washington state.  There is threat that they will cut the usual eight bajillion dollars. 

Does anyone else think there is a lot of chicken being played?  Every year we are braced for the worse case scenario.  Every year we wear the assigned color, post signs in our yard, and march on the steps of the capitol.  Every year, the worse case scenario does not happen, but we also don't get adequate funding for our educational system.

Does anyone else think they threaten the desperation so that we are happy with what we get?

How is education not a priority?  There is constant complaint that American children are not ready for the global market.  Their math scores are appalling.  They are not conditioned for the drive and expectations to succeed.

And if a child is pushed towards this, their parents complain.  Don't pick on my poor, helpless baby.  Do these parents realize their child's future is paying for their retirement, shaping the direction of the world?

Big concerns for the congressional decision makers... the I've-grown-so-tired-thinking-about-it I-5 bridge?  The general condition of our roads and buildings?  Earthquake preparedness?  The judicial system and our overcrowded prisons? 

Don't we need engineers, police officers, judges and lawyers?  Don't children need adequate educational funding to reach these goals?  Doesn't education itself deter a life of crime?

Put the money in education, people!  In time, we will all reap the rewards.

By the way, just in case, my son wore red to school today.

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