Thursday, November 10, 2011

Smart girls reunion

Excited to report a full reunion of the smart girls club is in the works.

There will be drinking.  There will be dancing.  All five founding members will be there. 

Jen's mojito to go

Stephanie's oscar party
We have the moves.  We can shake it and bake it.  We can laugh at ourselves and get lost in the moment.  We can turn heads and demand attention.

Sassy smartness will be aplenty, outwitting your every move with our spunk.  You can't out talk us with your politics, current events, or philosophy.  We can spin a tale that is outrageous and enlightening.  We make history.

On our way to an adventure...

We are goddesses with our sex appeal and equally comfortable with our girl next doorness.  Whether in jeans or bedazzled shirts, we move the air as we travel.

Waiters, bartenders, band members- beware.  We are in the club, and Stephanie has taken the lead.  Lock up your boys before they go on the possible husband and boyfriend list.
And anything you say or do can and will be reported, blog style.

Watch out Portland, the smart girls are back.

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