Sunday, March 25, 2012

100 things you probably don't want to know about me for my 100th post

  1. I am an only child.
  2. I am married to an only child.
  3. I still call L.A. home.
  4. I am a terrible swimmer.
  5. I have considered becoming a vegetarian throughout my life. I usually just pick around the meat.
  6. I’ve had the same best friend for over 26 years.
  7. My bf and I have tiny matching tattoos. They are little daisy doodles. People have tried to rub it off thinking I drew it in pen.
  8. I still read the comics in the Sunday paper. My favorite? Get Fuzzy. Cat/dog, Republican/Democrat. How is that not funny??
  9. I got hit by a car when I was a kid. Driven by a teacher at our high school.
  10. I lost part of my pinkie toe in a bicycle accident. 
  11. I’ve been to Disneyland too many times to count.
  12. My first name is Carolyn, but I’ve had it changed to just the letter C. When I tell people my name is C. Samantha, they often write Camantha.
  13. I am scared of scorpions. Reason that Traci and I always meet somewhere… uh, Arizona? No thanks.
  14. I have a pen name ready to use if I ever need it. I cannot share it- that would defeat the purpose.
  15. I’ve never left North America.
  16. I don’t really care that I’ve never left North America.
  17. The most common mistaken name I get called is Amy.
  18. I like to dance in the kitchen.
  19. I started college as a geology major. Apparently I wasn’t good at it.
  20. My favorite color is green, and has been my whole life.
  21. I write children’s stories.
  22. My favorite pet was my golden lab, Babe.
  23. I remember every word of the preamble to the constitution.
  24. I like football.
  25. I hand out stickers to children. Mostly at school… I’m not some weirdo.
  26. I have to sleep on the left side of the bed.
  27. In a hotel, I can’t sleep near the window, and it even trumps the sleeping on the left side of the bed.
  28. I got stitches three times. Head, toe, chin.
  29. I think fashion is a waste of time and money.
  30. I drink tea every day. I prefer Darjeeling tea.
  31. I don’t correct people when the mispronounce my last name. They often say Persinger with a soft g, like Salinger.
  32. I really don’t care if people mispronounce my last name.
  33. I have never skied.
  34. I am fascinated with D.B. Cooper. It’s actually Dan Cooper. I’m that big a fan.
  35. My favorite childhood books were Lloyd Alexander’s Book of Three series.
  36. I love beans. Any kind. Any way.
  37. I play solitaire way too often.
  38. My children weren’t named after anyone. Dominic has the middle name William from my maiden last name, Williams. Ripley was going to be Ripley Jordyn… but turned out to just need her own name.
  39. I lived in San Fernando valley as a kid-- valley girl!
  40. I love the beach. When people ask country or city-- I’m beach!
  41. I love listening to Paul Simon. I gave birth to my daughter with Paul Simon in the background.
  42. I won a writing contest in the Columbian as a kid.
  43. I have taken naps with my guinea pigs.
  44. I know all the lines in It’s the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown. You owe me restitution!!
  45. I spray painted my name on rocks near my college town. (It was totally a graffiti rock, so it’s not super bad of me)
  46. My favorite food group is vegetables.
  47. I can’t own a car that isn’t black, silver, or gray.
  48. I talk to anyone, anywhere.
  49. I can be really lazy.
  50. I lived down the street from Fantasy Island’s Tattoo when I was a kid.
  51. I read poetry. I’ve been known to write it, too.
  52. In college, I was politely asked to leave sorority rush after one day. Long story. Chalk it up to my non-conformity.
  53. My family on my mom’s side are Masons.
  54. I can’t curl my tongue. (It’s a genetic thing!)
  55. I have attached ear lobes. (Also genetic-- look it up!)
  56. I’ve let my kids eat all the chocolate in their advent calendars on the first day of December.
  57. My favorite part of the newspaper is the community section titled “what’s up with that?”
  58. I have ridden in the back of a police car. (I was actually getting a ride to the hospital, but it makes me sound kinda bad ass, right?)
  59. I dislike writing stupid in texts. U no wht I mean?
  60. I love roller coasters. Favorite is Tatsu. Or X2. Or Alpengeist. Or Millennium Force.
  61. I mean I really love roller coasters!
  62. My favorite cartoon as a kid was the Smurfs. Every time there is a blue moon, I bring them up.
  63. I can’t roller skate. Simply horrible at it.
  64. I have a memory like an elephant.
  65. I green clean my house.
  66. I compost.
  67. I’m really good at math.
  68. I have a degree from Washington State University.
  69. I have a degree from Portland State University.
  70. I love knee socks.
  71. I collect crushed pennies. People bring them back from vacations for me. Especially kids.
  72. I like to stop at brown history markers on the side of the road, despite my families protest.
  73. I love dams.  My dad gave me a photo book of dams, and my kids call it my dam book.
  74. I love lighthouses.
  75. Contrary to popular belief, I don’t know the names of all the kids at the school where I sub.
  76. I do not go to church.
  77. I have tried out just about every religion.
  78. I love nachos. Or anything that resembles nachos.
  79. I think everything tastes better with chili. Especially nachos.
  80. I bake great cookies. Seriously. You wouldn’t believe how good they are.
  81. I try not to read novels too often… they distract me too much and I don’t get enough sleep.
  82. I remember all the states and capitols. Except Michigan. Don’t know why.
  83. I have regrets.
  84. I would not get in a time machine.  Not a mulligan issue, I'm claustrophobic.
  85. I had scoliosis as a child.
  86. I got in a fight that resulted in me splitting my chin open.
  87. That fight was with a guy. He was a football player at WSU. That totally makes me look bad ass! Or crazy.
  88. My favorite movie is Remember the Titans.
  89. I love to organize.
  90. Although I have a memory like an elephant and am great at math, I cannot remember phone numbers.
  91. I never go anywhere without lip gloss. Petroleum free, please.
  92. I have gnomes in my house. Statues… not real ones
  93. I am equally terrible at all sports.
  94. I am an extremely loyal friend.
  95. Confrontations kill me!
  96. My favorite band is Green Day.
  97. I love Mexican food. Even beyond nachos…
  98. I don’t fall asleep quickly.
  99. Safe to say I probably have not seen the t.v. show or movie you are talking about. I’m really bad at that.
  100. But I do love the History channel. (Inner geek coming out)

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