Thursday, March 22, 2012

Credit union security

I really do appreciate the vast effort companies are showing to help fight the battle of identity theft, and other assorted felonies that take away our money.

However, it's almost getting silly.

I called IQ credit union for the final payment amount on a car.  I always pay a little over, so I needed the balance.

Thrilled to actually be talking to a live person, I sacrifice my super secret account number.  I give my name and address.  Last four digits of my social security number.

The conversation actually, conversational.

No more rehearsed lines. 

"Umm.... let's see.... hang on a sec...
I need to ask you some questions to verify your account ownership."

*Long pause, faint tapping on keyboard.

"What is the make and model of the car connected with this loan."

I answer the car type.

"I need to know the model, too."

I don't know the model!  I search through the paperwork and provide a sufficient answer.

"What year did you take out this loan?"

Answer with guesstimation that must have pleased her.

"Which branch did you originally take this loan from?"

"Um... we bought it at Dick Hannah.  They arranged the loan,"  I answer.

"Great answer!  That was a trick question!"


"What other services do you have at IQ credit union?"

This was actually kind of a trick question, too.  We have savings there, but no checking.  Fourth hurdle passed!

"Can you give me a cell number associated with this account."

I answer the fifth and final question, and pass with flying colors. 
Now I proceed to give my address, AGAIN.
Then my loan account number, AGAIN.

Finally I get the balance for the car payment.  $167.

So just to be clear... I had to go through all of that so a crook didn't what?  Pay off my car??

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