Friday, March 9, 2012

The final straw

There are all these emotions out there to be afraid of- loneliness, worry, pain, heartache...
I realized which one is the worse:  indecision.

When you are undecided on something, you are plagued with worry, pain, heartache, loneliness.  When you finally make the difficult decision, a weight lifts off your shoulders.  All your fears become plans of action, and in that control, healing begins.

Close friends of mine have been struggling with indecision during a separation.  A heart wrenching, ever changing separation.  One of them finally pulled the plug.  In five days time, they have gone from painfully trying to signing papers.

The strange thing is watching the band aid effect happen.  When the band aid was finally ripped off in one fluid motion, everyone could breathe.  Sure, there are tears and sorrow.  Sure there is still a question over where to go from here.  But... healing is finally starting to happen.

This made me reflect about all those avoided, procrastinated moments in life.  Perhaps the hardest part was the worry, making a choice.

Some of the choices lead to hard struggles, vivid realizations, and perhaps an emotional depth you weren't ready to face.  But in making decisions, you empower yourself to do what needs to be done. 

My friends are no longer stuck in a drowning limbo.  Sad, yes.  At least now they can move forward.

I'm taking my friend out this weekend to eat some unhealthy, savory food and cry in our beers.  Then when it's all over, we'll dust her off and start putting her back together.

I don't truly believe this couple is over...yet.  Let's just call this a hiatus. 
Maybe that's just what they need.

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