Tuesday, March 20, 2012

What's your sign?

Everyone I know is divorced!  Okay, maybe that's an exaggeration, but it feels real.  I never wish this life changing hardship on any of my friends.  But...

I sort of found a selfish silver lining to this predicament.  I get to be the ultimate wingman.  I get to meet new people, go out and have fun.  I never have to give out my number, have my hopes crushed, or feel vulnerable.

My friends and their lonely hearts feel jaded, cautious, afraid, excited, and every emotion in between.  I just get to drink beer.  I introduce myself to everyone "I'm Sam.  I'm very old and very married."  Most still talk to me.  A few walk away-

While my friends are trying to sort through their real life loneliness, they encounter a lot of asses.  Seriously.  I'm beyond puzzled by this.

Guys in the bar scene are, generally, total tools! 

While there are some really good phrases I've witnessed, I can only repeat the pg ones:

-how married are you?
-nice boobs.
-that girl is young- you can tell 'cuz her ass hasn't dropped.
-do you want to smoke a bowl?
-you seem like a girl that hands out free samples.
-people wouldn't even notice if we left.
-so is that a solid no?

So what happened?  It's the chicken and the egg scenario.  Were guys asses, and that's how they ended up divorced?  Or were they ruined by a woman/marriage, and have now become skeptical, bitter asses?

I tend to believe that most guys were born kind.  I think there are a lot of broken men out there.  Sad, really.  Too bad we can't fix all of them.

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