Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Origin of the smart girls

People misunderstand the smart girls club.  Friends get bent out of shape that they aren't "in" the club.  I regularly get comments like, "I guess I'm not smart enough to hang out with the smart girls."

All wrong, people.

A group of women become friends.  One endures a life change, and the others rise to the occasion to support.  This bond transcends time and distance.  We are a support group.

In humor, we originally referred to our pack with a rather raunchy, saucy name.  Realizing this name was not share worthy, we humorously changed it to smart girls club.

But what does that mean?

Smart choices. We know when to call a spade a spade, and we don't have time for game players, dishonesty, or general meanness.

We are the opposite of mean girls.  Doesn't mean we are necessarily nice, we're just not mean.  Or stupid.  Or fall for anyone or anything that doesn't treat us with the respect we deserve.

We don't tolerate meanness and we accept all.  We back each other up, but conquer with kindness.  We walk in others shoes, lend a hand, and supply a shoulder when needed.

It's been a blessing in my adult life to find women that I can relate to.  I'm happy being a geekilicious girl, and have my own people to rely on.

Between the five of us, we have four daughters and seven sons.  I'm happy to report that our mini-smart girls are making wise, happy choices in life.  We have the quirky, intelligent, self confident girls.  They choose friends wisely, and can tell someone to shove it.  You don't take advantage of our mini-smart girls.

It takes a village to raise a child, and I'm happy that the village raising my kids is made of solid people.

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