Friday, September 23, 2011

Can't 'weight'

The first time I held my best friend's baby, all I could think was... how heavy is this kid??  Seriously, my arm might fall off.  A small anxiety attack of  'I will never have children because I couldn't lift them' entered my mind.

Then in a calm, motherly way, the bff explained" get used to it as they grow."  Ahhh... breathe.  Like weight training, you don't start with the heaviest weight.  One of my first useful pieces of mommy advice.  And sure enough, holding my own 7 lb bundle was easier.

Probably wonder where I'm going with this...

Today is my first day back in the classroom as a substitute teacher.  Love my job.  Love the flexibility, love seeing my own kids in their school, love the array of faculty and students I get to work with.  I love trying to learn the name of every kid in school (never achieved, but you'd be surprised how close I can get).  I love variety, spontaneity, and change.  But...

The students have been back for a few weeks.  Classroom communities have been established.  Routines are in place.  For some, the honeymoon period is already over.

I am being handed a 20 lb baby.

I will need a nap.

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