Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Utility rope, and other fine jewelry

So apparently, once again, I am behind the times.  Newest trend I have discovered:  paracord bracelets.  A bracelet fashioned from nylon parachute cord that can be used as both an accessory and utility rope.

I totally dig this.  Remember that I am the same person that gave emergency ration kits as Christmas presents.  Merry Christmas!  Hope you never need this!

I'm also the same person who wears magnetic jewelry (insert eye roll here) and believes accessories should have a purpose.  No fear-- this is not my next purchase.  Totally sexy on a guy, in a rugged way, but clearly the look would push my boundaries of looking like a dike tomboy.

You never know what life will bring.  Hang on to that paracord and see where it takes you.

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