Friday, September 16, 2011

Turning Points

I've always been that person that's a little uncomfortable with the prom moments in life.  You know, those built up occasions you plan.  Weddings, births, Christmas.  I don't like having all the stress for two reasons:
1.  Things might not go the way you dreamed.
2.  There's always the day after.

Ugh.  The day after Christmas.  Bringing the crying baby home to endure nights of sleeplessness.  After the honeymoon.

A sprinter at the Olympics spends years training for one moment.  One moment that will be over in 10 seconds.  The results: win or lose.  I don't do well with this type of pressure.

And then there's the longing... Christmas is over?  That's it?  I can't stay there?

So I've come to some crossroads.  Once again, I think back to Robert Frost and those two idyllic roads in the woods.  One is easy.  The other a challenge.  Somehow, though, life doesn't seem worth it if you don't take the challenges.

So watch out.  Win or lose, I'm jumping in.

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