Wednesday, September 14, 2011


A friend of mine recently got a tattoo that simply said conquer.  It fits her and her spunky, powerful personality.  It started me thinking about words as tattoos... conquer, invincible, prevail, triumph.  The mere thought makes me stand taller, dream bigger.  Maybe I'll get a conquer tattoo.

Well, except that under the word would be a footnote that says *with tolerance and acceptance.  And kindness.  And don't forget to walk in others shoes before you judge them. 

Wait- Aren't our failures and mistakes what make us strong, confident people?  Without defeat how would I improve myself?  Isn't that an opportunity to truly look yourself in the mirror?

I remind my kids to fight for what is right and be the best they can be, but to remember that sometimes it's just not worth it.  So what word would I tattoo on my back that describes that?  Understanding when to fight and when to back down.  Understanding that sometimes the gain isn't worth the loss.  Sometimes just let the other guy win.


I can't capture myself in a single word, a single thought.  I'm glad that I can describe myself in so many words, so many paradoxes.  Perhaps I will simply leave the word tattoos to those that have it all figured out.

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