Thursday, September 29, 2011


Remember your Greek mythology?  Do you remember the muses?  They were said to bring artistic inspiration.  So without getting all heavy into ancient storytelling, clearly writer's block can be assumed to happen with the absence of a muse.

Several people have asked why I've been writing so much lately.  Writing has always been a big part of my life, dating back to elementary school.  Like most writers, I experience a drought of writer's block from time to time.  It seems the more jaded and cynical older I get, these droughts last longer and longer.  Age brings with it many things.  Two things it does not seem to bring are idealism and a surrealistic view.

But every once in a while, something sparks that fire inside me to create.  It lights my soul and opens a floodgate of ideas begging to get out.  I feel alive and elated.  I never know when my muse will awaken.  I just desperately get everything down on paper, or canvas, or wherever I can as quickly as possible.  There is no telling how long the muse will stay.  

Thank you muse, for lighting the fire and guiding me to the warmth.  Please stay awhile.

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