Tuesday, September 27, 2011

FYI :)

I want to write a dissertation on emoticons.  I'm fascinated with them.  Our next generation is growing up with an entirely new way to communicate non-verbally.  Unfortunately, I am not part of that generation.

I've come to discover that when you text, email, or IM someone, you really should have this figured out.  *Apparently IM is now a verb, btw.

I can make a statement, with implications ranging from boredom to flirting, with the simplest choice of an emoticon.

What are you doing?  :(     *I'm disappointed in your choices

What are you doing?  :)     *I genuinely care to know

What are you doing?  :o    *Shock and questioning

What are you doing?  ;)      *Clearly I want you

And of course, let us not forget our ever important friend, the lol.

I love explaining this to you. lol    *I actually don't love it.  I have 1990's NOT'ed you.

I am so excited to see this generation become the future leaders and decision makers in our world.  lol

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