Monday, September 26, 2011

One is the lonliest number...

I'm a lone wolf.  I've never been one to support the team.  I don't have spirit.  I prefer solo to delegating.  I'm an only child.

Enter my husband.  Also a lone wolf.  Also an only child.  I played tennis and he excelled in wrestling.  We're two peas in the same let me be alone pod.

It should come to no surprise that our friends joke that our family motto is "doesn't play well with others." 

Coach Persinger is having a great season as an assistant coach for Dominic's football team.  Monday is film night.  Our house is the next in the rotation of hosting.

So now I'm out of my element.  I am having a slew of boys, parents, and coaches to my house for a review/giant playdate.  With food.

I'm not the team mom, and I won't go buy pom poms, but I might be starting to see the appeal of all this.  We may have to tweak our motto.

1 comment:

  1. It may feel foreign, but you make it look breezy. There's ALWAYS a legion of kids at your place!