Monday, October 17, 2011

Beware of the Bitch

Girls are bitches.  Ya... pretty rough, but this is my blog. 

Most of my life, I have not been a pack mentality kind of girl.  It can be lonely on the outside, but if you're lucky, you'll befriend others that don't travel in hunting parties.

For the first time in my life, as a mom, I was forced into these situations.  I cloaked myself as a girl that actually cared if I belonged.  Of course, I got badly burned.

What seemed ruthless and painful turned out to be a great learning experience.  I am slow to warm with people before offering my friendship.  I have also developed great bitch radar.  I never punish someone by judging them on first impression, but my bitch radar is seldom wrong, and I just don't have time for these kind of women.

I've learned the most important rule concerning women, bitchiness, and survival.  Never...never... go out without one of your own girls to back you up.  Bitches feed on solitary women.  Especially nice ones.

Fully aware of the risk, I recently put myself in this lone wolf situation.  I stupidly thought that guys could count as my backup.  Wrong.  You can line up a hundred men behind you, and they will still prove useless when two girls begin circling each other.

Worse part...I was attacked from multiple directions.  Remember the Jurassic Park movies, when the velociraptors would encircle their prey?  Ya.  That was me. 

I still can't fully understand why women do this to other women.  We as a gender should unite, but instead many continue to knock other women down until there is nothing left.  My self esteem is high enough to avoid causing permanent damage.  Is theirs?

Upon reporting the audacious bitch behavior to my friends, I was unanimously supported with a "What??  That bitch!!  I'll kick her ass."

So to the bitches out there that stack their numbers behind them...
To the bitches that flaunt, steal, and manipulate to get what they want... 
To the bitches that have the nerve to ridicule you when you're standing right there...  Ya- I could hear what you said about me!
To the bitches that simply use the "you're so beneath me" or "you aren't one of us" tactics to launch insecurities...

Better watch your back.  I got my bitches, too.

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  1. Darling, I am proud to be one of your bitches. And Sammy, I have your back. I love you.