Monday, October 10, 2011

Things I love #4

If you know me, you wonder why I didn't start with this one.  My most absolutely favorite thing in the world, happiest place to be, and perhaps the very reason I breathe... roller coasters.

Taller, faster, scarier... haven't met my match yet.  And it's not just the rides... it's the full experience.  The hot sun beating down on you, the tired feet from walking all day, junk food devoured in hopes that it doesn't make you queasy.  Your very appearance is altered; sweaty with no make up, wind blown hair, uneven sunburn, the horrid fanny pack to secure your few needed belongings.

My favorite place to be is the front seat on a lift hill of a good coaster.

My soul mate gets this.

My son has shown interest and talent most of his life in math and spacial design.  It has been assumed for years he will become an engineer.  My greatest dream is for him to finally one day design the coaster that will truly take my breath away.  And I will ride it again and again with pride in my heart and thrill in my soul.

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