Saturday, October 8, 2011


I guess I'm happy to report my son learned some valuable lessons in life today.  Sometimes you don't win because, well, you should have played harder. Sometimes you are just off, and the harder you try to recover, the more mistakes you make.  Sometimes, the other team is better and there is nothing you can do about it.

D's game was brutal.  It wasn't a complete blow out and there were some good plays.  They tried passing plays.  They drove the ball.  They had stalls in the red zone.

We didn't anticipate they'd win this game.  They lost 0-21.  I've seen worse.  And for the record, I'm pretty sure the score was actually 0-20.  Seriously, can these people please take a refresher course!  There was a bad funk in the air, and the coaches and players had a drooped shoulder, defeated look early on. 

But second half....
Second half, something happened.  The boys knew they wouldn't win, but they brought their game.  Their team mentality snapped back.  They didn't gain many yards, but they also didn't give many.  They didn't score, but neither did the other team  In the second half, they shut them out.  They didn't have victory, but on the last drive, one of our players delivered a fabulous hit that would leave the other player in pain.  If you can't beat them, at least beat the crap out of them, right!?

Near the end of this hard lesson game, a group of our players turned their attention to the crowd.  With arms pumping upward, in a slow, amassing yell, the team led the stands into several rounds of "Mustang Power." They were about to lose this game, but the Mustang boys were cheering themselves, and inviting us into their story.  Ahh... and football is such a wonderful, unfolding story.

Best moment of the game.

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