Friday, October 7, 2011

Things I love #3

Remember your childhood... every experience new, with the amplified angst of emotions.

Remember your first kiss?  And frankly, the first kiss with every new person after that.

I'm happy being an adult, making my own choices, staying up as late as I want.  But the one thing I miss is those moments... sweet first kiss moments.

The anticipation and excitement.  The fear of hearing the sound of a record needle screeching.  The longing for a warmth that flutters from your heart and warms your toes.

And youth brings one more appealing thing to the table... location.  Adults can plan out the details to perfection for every moment in life.  Youthful stolen moments don't have this luxury.  They can happen anytime, anywhere.  The front porch, the back seat of a car, at the Octoberfest. 

Hang on to those memories...

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