Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Finding your voice

There are approximately 12 versions of me that wear different hats.  I am a teacher, kind and soft.  I am an intellectual, with a sarcastic flare for humoring the educated.  I am a sex symbol, using my feminine wiles.  I am vulnerable and sentimental... rarely seen.

Each venue of my life has to be carefully assessed to know which personality, or combination of personalities, can be shown.  It's what you do.  Professionalism is a must.  Audience must be recognized.  Paper trails must be considered.

Sometimes... I feel orange.

I am fully aware that my facebook friends include children.  Apparently, by accepting their friendship, I have taken on the responsibility to monitor what they are exposed to.  Not their parents, it's on me.

Heavy concerns of the job market also force me to curtain my opinions, or at least provide a disclaimer.  These people that are hiring me... they aren't human??

I resent having to delete something I've posted, in an attempt to never offend anyone.  That is why I have a blog.  That is also why I may sometimes talk to myself.  I never judge me.

So when you finally get to the root, find your voice, why does it have to be a secret?  Writing, like all arts, is about expression.  It's fine if it doesn't question, offend, or challenge anyone or anything else.  But really... how deep is your expression if you have to handle every interaction like a job interview?

Must delete frankly honest post now.  Stepford wives crisis response team is on the way.

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