Friday, October 28, 2011

Where am I?

As a girl living in college dorms, it was most pressing to decorate your door.  Uniquely, I might add.  My roommates and I always had a flare for the odd or scandalous.  Early on I learned you must also have a homemade locator.  What is a homemade locator??  A crudely fashioned, bedazzled spinning wheel (much like the Milton Bradley variety) that can be moved to point out exactly where you are.  In class!  At the dunes!  Party!  With my boyfriend!  Library!  Out to lunch!

I, of course, found it moronic.  Therefore my homemade locator was split in two pieces:  In class, not in class.  At the state U, I majored in sarcasm.

There is no surviving evidence to this trend in history.  Technology made sure of that.  Now, you can simply announce very specifically where you are on twitter, facebook, or any other variety of social media.

I prefer my privacy.

Gone are the days of simply living your life.  We have become so socially mingling and egocentric, we actually believe the world will end if people don't know you're at Fred Meyer.  At local vet office.  Getting a root canal.

When the line forms to have scan trons tattooed on our forehead, and locator chips inserted into our left front lobe, I think I'll pass.

Status:  in front of computer, mocking you.

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