Wednesday, October 12, 2011


One of my favorite movies was on cable the other day and I couldn't seem to drag myself away from it.  It wasn't a blockbuster.  In fact, I'm sure few people even remember it.  Serendipity.  John Cusack.  Enough said.
I often use the word serendipity with my children and students.  Serendipity is simply an accidental, fortunate discovery.  We make mistakes daily, and some of our greatest adventures form out of these mistakes.  I try to remind children this very fact.  Didn't turn out how you thought?  What can you do with that?

The mere mention of John Cusack takes me back to an all time favorite:  Say Anything.  Serendipity might just be the sequel, with the character all grown up. 

I enjoy a good cry, a good laugh.  But... the movies that get me the most are the ones with these serendipitous tones.  Real life.  Real mistakes.  Those illustrious roads in life that may leave you wandering for awhile.  Random, chance occurrences that shape our entire existence and make you question fate.  Simple.  Wonderful. 

As John Keats wrote, "...Beauty is truth, truth beauty---that is all ye know on earth, and all ye need to know."

I think Keats and Cusack got it right.

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