Sunday, October 9, 2011

There's an app for that: sex positions

Warning:  randy monologue

Scrolling through the plethora of apps available on my smartphone, I run across one titled sex positions.  Hmm.  I love my ESPN scoreboard, and have played quite a few rounds with those angry little birds.  But sex positions...

I appreciate the versatility of applications to make my day immature and entertaining run smoothly.  I value the availability of information at my fingertips to solve everyday problems and questions.  I rely on the apps that help me organize and schedule my day.  I just don't think an app describing, yes this is not a typo, 150 sex positions is something I need on my phone.

What exactly would be the occasion to use this app?  Hang on honey, I think there are a few ideas in my phone?  Or is this a new technological pick up line?  Hey baby, check out these stick figures on my phone...

Upon reviewing this app, I would also like to clarify that, as I expected, there are not truly 150 positions.  Um.  I don't have a canoe, nor do I consider that a 'position.'  Nor do I think water based activities and solo endeavors should count.

While this app provided interesting reading and a little brainstorming, I don't think I will be including my phone in my personal activities.

Of course, it is in my phone... I may have to try out the pick up line with sketch accompaniment.

1 comment:

  1. May I borrow your phone for a few days? Even if there aren't 150, I suspect I will learn a few good things.