Sunday, October 16, 2011

It's official

Officiate:  To act as referee, umpire, etc. in a sports game or contest. 

I have consistently complained about the CCYF referees this season.  I admire the league's insistence of good sportsmanship.  If at any time, a parent, player, or coach gets out of line, they are *rewarded* with an automatic next game suspension.  For all of them.  The player, the parent, and your team's head coach.  Good deterrent.  

Here's the glitch.  The refs are horrible.  I've already noted that they should have known to have overtime.  I've already noted the missed holding calls on touchdowns that force a tie. 

This week's game was dirty and rough, with so many unfair and missed calls I lost track.  One player shoved my boy in the back, knocking him sprawling on the ground, nowhere near the action, AFTER the whistle. Um, illegal block in the back?  Unsportsmanlike conduct?  No flag??

One player was taken off the field with an injury after he was hit in a helmet to helmet tackle.  Hey refs, please look into this!  Oh, and while you're at it, brush up on false start, horse collar, and illegal celebration.

By far, the best injustice was when Mr. Mean Ref, that's what we will call him, went up to my son's team and told them to watch their holding.  Hello-- you're in the wrong huddle.

Again, I support the league's enforcement of accountability and good sportsmanlike conduct.

Only problem, if referees wield this power, shouldn't they possess the ability and knowledge to match it?

Here's another word:
Dictator:  a ruler with absolute power and authority, esp. one who exercises it tyrannically.  a person who orders others about domineeringly, or one whose pronouncements on some subject are meant to be taken as the final word.

I think a strongly worded letter is in order.

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